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Bismarckia nobilis 'Silver' Bismarck Palm - 2 pcs seeds/packet

How to do justice to this magnificent palm in just a few words? The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, circular, silvery blue, fan-shaped leaves and a tall, columnar trunk. In seedlings and young plants, the leaves are tinged with an unreal purple color.
Bismarckia develops fairly quickly into a large and stunning tree that is excellently suited for the subtropical or tropical garden, for parks, and for breathtaking avenues...
2 990 Ft
Unit price: 1 495 Ft/pcs
Caryota mitis - Clustered Fishtail Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

The Clustered Fishtail Palm is probably the most widely grown of its kind, and for good reason.
This foliage plant germinates and develops quickly, becoming an attractive, bushy, medium-sized palm, sporting many dark green, bipinnate leaves with fishtail-shaped leaflets that are unique to Caryota. C. mitis is native to much of southeastern Asia.
It is a well-tested, easy-to-grow, and really reliable palm, and will grow in nearly any f...
1 550 Ft
Unit price: 310 Ft/pcs
Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera - Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

The Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm, which grows in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco up to 1700 m (5600 ft.), offers all the virtues a palm enthusiast from outside the tropics could wish for. It is as robust and adaptable as its regular green relative and happy in a wide range of conditions, tolerating extremes of cold and damp, heat and drought, and full sun and shade. However, its main attraction is the color of its...
2 550 Ft
Unit price: 510 Ft/pcs
Coccothrinax borhidiana - Borhidi's Guano Palm - 2pcs seeds/packet

To those who have seen this very rare palm in the flesh, it easily surpasses any other Coccothrinax in appearance, including the famed C. crinita. Native only to a small beach area in the north of Cuba, where it grows in stunted coastal vegetation, it is seriously threatened with extinction. It is a smallish palm with a slender trunk thickly clothed in a coat of undulated fibers, topped by a very dense crown of closely spaced, ...
4 890 Ft
Unit price: 2 445 Ft/pcs
Cyrtostachys renda - Sealing Wax Palm, Lipstick Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Who hasn't lusted after this tropical beauty, with its scarlet crownshaft and petioles, bright red as sealing wax? Frustratingly, they grow like weeds in Southeast Asia, yet are relatively rarely available elsewhere.
Native to lowland peat swamp forest near the coast on the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo, these palms require tropical conditions.
1 550 Ft
Unit price: 310 Ft/pcs
Dypsis lutescens - Golden Cane Palm, Areca Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

As one of the world's most popular indoor plants, the Golden Cane or Areca Palm hardly needs an introduction. Outdoors, it quickly develops into an elegant, midsized palm with densely clustering, slender, green trunks; yellow crownshafts and leafstalks; and recurving, keeled leaves. Dypsis lutescens originally comes from Madagascar, the home of so many exciting palms, where it grows in coastal forest on sandy soils.
It will to...
1 450 Ft
Unit price: 290 Ft/pcs
Hydriastele wendlandiana - Wendland's Nymph Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Wet or swampy areas in rainforests in northern Australia are the preferred habitat of this beautiful but uncommonly grown palm. It produces dense clusters of thin, canelike, but tall stems. The leaves are broadly pinnate, with a large, fishtail shaped pair of leaflets at the tip.
The showy red fruits are produced on short, stringlike fruit stalks below the crown. A most attractive palm for the humid tropics.
1 250 Ft
Unit price: 250 Ft/pcs
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

The Bottle Palm is a well-known and very popular ornamental for tropical and warm subtropical regions. It was once common on Mauritius in the Mascarene Islands but although commonly cultivated, its wild stands are reduced to a few handful of plants on tiny Round Island north of Mauritius. It produces a curiously swollen trunk, the shape of which is somewhat reminiscent of a champagne bottle. The crown holds up to five leathery, pinnate f...
2 550 Ft
Unit price: 850 Ft/pcs
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii - Spindle Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

A well-known and much-loved tropical palm with a spindle-shaped, swollen trunk, a thick, bluish-gray crownshaft and stiffly ascending, pinnate leaves with yellowish midribs especially in young plants.
It is native only to Rodrigues Island, far out in the Indian Ocean east of Mauritius, where it was once very common but is now reduced to a few individuals on some remote mountain ridges. The Spindle Palm is quick to germinate, easily cu...
1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/pcs
Jubaea chilensis - Chilean Wine Palm - 2pcs seeds/packet

Probably the most massive and undoubtedly the most cold tolerant of all pinnate palms, this species, although unfortunately not common in cultivation, hardly needs any introduction.
Native to central Chile, it is well suited to temperate and subtropical climates. It is highly drought tolerant but will also do well in cold and humid conditions.
It does not need hot summers to grow well, and in winter it can take severe frost down to -16°C...
2 990 Ft
Unit price: 1 495 Ft/pcs
Latania loddigesii - Blue Latan Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

The Blue Latan Palm is one of the best ornamental fan palms. While young plants have beautiful red petioles and leaf margins, mature plants produce a compact crown of very leathery, stiff, blue, fan-shaped leaves with leafstalks covered in thick, orangeish wool. They grow a slender trunk over the years.
It is the most vigorous and robust of the three species in the genus and will thrive in a position in full sun in most tropical and fros...
3 970 Ft
Unit price: 3 970 Ft/pcs
Livistona australis - Southern Fan Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

A tall fan palm from eastern Australia, where it grows in various types of forest, preferably in damp or boggy situations, and frequently in dense colonies from sea level to 1000 m a.s.l. It is the southernmost growing Livistona and is found as far south as eastern Victoria. It forms a columnar, very straight and even trunk to 25 m tall that holds a dense crown of glossy green leaves on long stalks and with drooping tips. It is a ver...
1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/pcs

Livistona chinensis - Kínai legyezőpálma - 5db mag/csomag


Elhelyezkedése : Közismert neve: Livistona chinensis, Kínai legyezőpálma, Chinese fan palm
Előfordulási helye: Dél- Kínából származik.

Hazájában 10 méter magasra is megnövő, robosztus megjelenésű pálmafajta. Legyező alakú fényes levelei zöldek, a levéllemez feléig osztottak, akár a 2 méter átmérőt is elérhetik. A Livistonia fajok az enyhe fagyokat is károsodás nélkül átvészelik.
Nálunk a Livistona pálma szobai körmények között tartva, nem növi ki a lakást, szoliter törzset fejleszt, különösen alkalmas cserépben, konténerben tartásra. A pálma levélnyele tüskés!

1 250 Ft
Unit price: 250 Ft/db
Phoenix dactylifera - Date Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Commercially important as the producer of dates, Phoenix dactylifera is extremely variable with hundreds of named cultivars that can be propagated by offsets only.
Some of the most popular and well-known are Medjool, Deglet Noor, Barhi and Halawi.
Dates grown from seeds are usually not suitable for fruit production: Only one in a thousand trees will bear good quality fruit.
However, the date palm is also widely used as an ornamental, and here...
1 450 Ft
Unit price: 290 Ft/pcs
Pritchardia pacifica - Fiji Fan Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

This quick growing, beautiful, medium-sized palm with large, only shallowly divided fan leaves is perhaps native to Tonga in the Southwest Pacific, though its origins are somewhat unclear and blurred today.
It is an easy palm in the tropical garden and today is an enormously popular ornamental in many countries around the world.
2 550 Ft
Unit price: 510 Ft/pcs
Sabal minor - Törpe palmetto
A Sabal fajok magányos törzset alkotó példányok, mely gyűrűs vagy sima felületű. Levelei tenyeresen szeldeltek, csúcsukon kettéosztott levélszeletekből állnak.
Az összes Sabal-faj levélnyele tüskementes, így különösen ajánlható olyan kertbe, ahol gyerekek is vannak!

Minimális hőmérséklet : - 14-15 °C. Fagytűrő.
2 250 Ft
Unit price: 450 Ft/db

Trachycarpus fortunei - Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet -


There is not much to say about the humble "Trachy" that has not been said before. This most popular of the hardy palms has been cultivated in the West for a hundred and fifty years, since the explorer and adventurer Robert Fortune first saw it growing (though not wild) on Chusan (now Zhoushan) Island off the east coast of China. Cultivated on the mainland for much longer than that, its origins are obscured in history. Its hardiness against cold is legendary, as is its easy-care nature, and its wide availability means it is often the first hardy palm that many of us own. It is also probably the palm species best tested and documented for its frost resistance.


1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/pcs


A Trachycarpus wagnerianus a legjobb típusú pálma a Trachycarpus nemzettségből.
A kedveltsége a következő tulajdonságai miatt emelte ki a fagytűrő pálmák köréből: kicsi és merev kompakt habitusa, mely csak kb. 60 cm-es, fiatal korában bonsai kinézete nagyon attraktív megjelenést biztosít, ideális kis méretű kertekbe, illetve cserepes növényként lakásokba is.
A -17°C -os téli hideget is jól viseli, szárazságtűrő, jól tolerálja a szeles területeket is.
Könnyű a csíráztatása, gyors növekedés jellemzi (évi 30 cm!), jól viseli az átültetés viszontagságait, kiváló ellenálló képességgel rendelkezik a különféle betegségekkel szemben.

1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/db

Wallichia oblongifolia - Himalájai törpe halfarokpálma - 5db mag/csomag


A Wallichia oblongifolia eredeti előfordulási területe Ázsia, azaz a Himalája környéke Indiában, Nepálban és Mianmarban.
A törzse eléggé alacsony, azonban a csomókba növő levelei elérhetik a 2-3 méteres hosszúságot is. A levelek mélyen szárnyaltak és felegyenesedők, bár az idősebb példányok esetében lehajlók is lehetnek. A számos virága, lelógó virágzatba tömörül. 

Minimális hőmérséklet: -4°C

2 150 Ft
Unit price: 430 Ft/db
Archontophoenix alexandrae King Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

A very popular palm from Australia with grass green, feather-shaped leaves with silver undersides and slender crownshafts.
The small, bright red fruits are produced in large quantities. The King or "Alexander" Palm will grow in a wide range of climates from tropical to cool temperate, and does excellently as an indoor palm given bright light. The seeds germinate easily and uniformly and subsequent growth is very fast.
In the garden, the...
1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/pcs
Chamaedorea elegans Parlor Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Sold by the millions as cute miniature indoor plants in supermarkets and garden centers all over the world, this palm has probably been the quintessential indoor palm since Victorian times.
Native to rainforest in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Belize, it grows a solitary, canelike stem to about 2 m (7 ft.) tall, topped by a graceful crown of neatly pinnate, pale green leaves.
Best suited for a shady spot indoors or in the subtropical/warm ...
1 250 Ft
Unit price: 250 Ft/pcs
Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Phoenix palms have a terrible but well-deserved reputation for infidelity. Grow them with any other Phoenix species and before you know it, what have you got? That's right, hybrid seeds. They may look the same, feel the same, even taste the same, but they will produce hybrid plants that may possibly have the WORST characteristics of both parents (you know, his hair and her nose?). Species that in nature are separated by thousands of mil...
1 450 Ft
Unit price: 290 Ft/pcs
Trachycarpus latisectus- Kenderpálma

Mivel jól tűri a hideget, kertbe ajánlott az ültetése. Növekedése gyorsnak mondható. Ez a típusú pálma minden bizonnyal a gyűjtők egyik kedvence.

Ez a típusú pálma minden bizonnyal a gyűjtők egyik kedvence. A hatalmas, robosztus , közel kör alakú pálmalevelek hasonlítanak a Livistonára. Törzse sima, pálmalevelek maradványai és hosszú sötétbarna, dús rost borítja. Mivel jól tűri a hideget, kertbe ajánlott az ültetése. Növekedése gyorsnak mondhat...
1 750 Ft
Unit price: 350 Ft/db

Washingtonia robusta - Skyduster, Mexican Cotton Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet


This is the slimmer of the two species of Washingtonia and considered to be slightly less cold tolerant, though it grows considerably taller than W. filifera. When young, the two species are not easy to tell apart, though it becomes increasingly evident as they mature. In some areas, W. robusta may be somewhat overused and is often the first choice of the street planner, influenced no doubt by its ready availability, fast growth, and consequent low price, but also by its many virtues as an avenue tree. Given the choice of the two species of Washingtonia, however, W. robusta should be chosen over W. filifera by those in areas of higher rainfall, as it is more tolerant of dampness and humidity than its cousin, and will do well in almost any climate between temperate and tropical.

1 250 Ft
Unit price: 250 Ft/db
Adonidia merrillii Christmas Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

If you have seen those neat and elegant crownshaft palms in shopping malls, they are likely to be Adonidia merrillii. They are chosen because of their ability to put up with less than perfect conditions, such as over- and underwatering, and dry air.
They are also splendid outside in the tropical or subtropical garden, producing bunches of large, bright red fruit, once thought to ripen only in in December--hence the common name "Christmas P...
Brahea armata Blue Hesper Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

It could be argued that this is the most impressive of the Braheas with its thick, fissured, gray trunk, and its crown of silvery blue, sometimes nearly white leaves that in moonlight take on an almost ghostly appearance.
In the wild it grows in arid canyons, sometimes with Washingtonia, and manages to survive in incredibly dry conditions.
Butia eriospatha Woolly Jelly Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Though at first glance this palm looks quite like the popular Butia odorata, it has a larger crown of greener leaves and is immediately distinguishable by its woolly inflorescence spathe.
Indeed, the red brown coloration of this rather thick fur is visible from quite a distance and renders identification quite easy. The fact that it is the most cold hardy in the genus makes it an excellent proposition for the temperate garden.
Butia erios...
Caryota maxima 'Himalaya' Himalayan Fish Tail Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Though known in cultivation for a while now (especially in California where it is grown under the name Caryota urens or "Mountain Form"), this fabulous, hardy species still is rarely seen around. It is a fairly large, vigorous, and extremely fast growing tree (up to 2 m (6.5 ft.) per year) with a dense crown.
This Fishtail is frequently seen growing semiwild in the foothills of the central and eastern Himalayas up to 2400 ...
Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti Xaté Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

This Chamaedorea from rainforests between southern Mexico and Honduras has large, bifid leaves reaching to 60 cm (24 in.) long by 30 cm (12 in.) wide, giving it a unique and special appearance.
As an easy-care and low-light-tolerant plant, it is suitable for home, conservatory, or as an understorey palm in the warm temperate to tropical garden.
Chamaedorea metallica Metallic Parlor Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

This well-known and much-loved small palm from Mexico has stiff, simple, and undivided leaves that are dark green, almost black, with a metallic sheen, from which the plant derives its name.
Very tolerant of low-light conditions, it makes an ideal house plant, or, in warm temperate to tropical regions, a useful understorey palm that will grow in deep shade.
Howea forsteriana - Kentia Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

The famous Kentia Palm from Lord Howe Island off the east coast of Australia hardly needs any introduction. It is considered by many to be the best house plant in the world. Tolerant of poor treatment and neglect, it will put up with low light better than almost any other palm. It is also an excellent landscaping plant that will do well in shade as well as full sun in most warm temperate/subtropical climates.
It can take light freezes but do...
Licuala grandis - Vanuatu Fan Palm, Palas Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Well known by now for its large, circular, simple, undivided, and closely pleated leaves, this Licuala makes a magnificent plant for indoors or out. The seed germinates readily and grows slowly but steadily in the tropical or warm subtropical garden, producing a slender trunk in the process.
In the tropics it can be planted in sun or full shade but should be out of the wind.
In hot, dry regions a shaded spot is best. It is ori...
Not available for purchase!
Nannorrhops arabica 'Silver' - Silver Mazari Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Over the past few years, this bluish-silver-leaved Nannorrhops from south Pakistan and Iran has proved to be one of the most valuable additions to the range of cold hardy palms.
It will thrive in the tropics as well as in temperate areas, and, with good drainage, even in wetter regions.
With ample heat it is easy to germinate, and surprisingly enough, VERY FAST growing, producing thick, blue silver to sometimes almost white,...
Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

Much loved and very popular, the Pygmy Date Palm is in many ways the perfect miniature palm tree, complete with a slim trunk and a beautiful crown of feathery leaves. Its uses are many and varied: plant it in the warm temperate, tropical, or subtropical garden; use it as the perfect house or conservatory plant; or use it as a potted palm on the terrace during the warm months of summer.
Tolerant of both over- and underwatering, and will e...
1 450 Ft
Unit price: 290 Ft/pcs
Phoenix sylvestris 'Robusta'- Robust Silver Date Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

From northern India comes this new and fabulous selection of the Silver Date Palm. The very large seeds (by far the largest in any Phoenix) will produce a quick growing, robust seedling, and eventually a thick trunked, large, and stately tree with a full crown of magnificent, silvery grayish, plumose leaves.
This palm will take considerable exposure to frost and is the only large Phoenix that will grow in climates with ...
Prestoea acuminata var. acuminata 'Red Crownshaft' - Red Crownshaft Palm - 5pcs seeds/packet

One of the two famous Red Crownshaft Palms of the Andean cloud forests (the other is a form of Geonoma undata), with a very wide range from Costa Rica and Venezuela down as far south as Bolivia.
It is rather variable, and the color of the crownshaft may vary from almost rivaling Cyrtostachys renda to, more commonly, purple black. There is also a green crownshaft form.
Prestoea acuminata grows at elevat...
Rhapidophyllum hystrix 'Georgia' - Georgia Needle Palm - 3pcs seeds/packet

Considered to be the most cold hardy of all palms, withstanding temperatures down to -23°C (-10°F), Rhapidophyllum has gained a lot of popularity in cultivation in recent years. A well-grown specimen, with its deeply divided, dark green, glossy leaves, is a handsome palm, and well worth the trouble of obtaining or growing, despite the armament of its short, fibrous trunk. The Needle Palm is found in the undergrowth of m...
Rhapis multifida - Ujjas pálma

A pálmafélék családjába tartozó nemzetség 12 kis termet, soktörzsű pálmafajból áll. Dél-Kína és Délkelet-Ázsia szubtrópusi és trópusi esőerdeiben találhatóak.
Leveleikkel és általános megjelenésükkel díszítő örökzöld legyezőpálmák, melyek csoportosan nőnek, törzsük a bambuszhoz hasonlít, legyezőszerű leveleik mélyen osztottak.
Legtöbbjük jó alkalmazkodóképességű, mind az árnyékosabb mind a naposabb helyet is elviselik. t...