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Musa sikkimensis - Darjeeling Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet

Musa sikkimensis - Darjeeling Banana - Musa hookeri
This large banana species sports a massive pseudostem to 4.5 m (14 ft.) tall and 45 cm (18 in.) in diameter, which is tinged with red.
Its new leaves and leaf midribs are purple, and a percentage of plants even exhibit beautifully dark red mottled leaves when young.
The Darjeeling Banana is very hardy to cold (i.e. in the sense of Musa basjoo), coming, as it does, from montane forests up...
2 450 Ft
2 750 Ft 

Az áthúzott ár az árcsökkentés alkalmazását megelőző 30 nap legalacsonyabb eladási ára.

Unit price: 817 Ft/pcs
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Ensete glaucum - Snow Banana- 5pcs seeds/packet

This exciting but little-known banana relative is also known as Musa nepalensis and Ensete giganteum, hinting at the plant's giant size, and is synonymous with the legendary "Snow Banana" Ensete wilsonii. It grows in China (Yunnan 800-2700 m (2600-8800 ft.) asl !!!), Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, and possibly also in Tibet, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua, New Guinea. It has a thick, solitary, waxy blue trunk; huge, bluish leaves up to 3 m (10 ft.) long; and a huge, nodding, banana-producing inflorescence. It is extremely fast growing and so requires a good supply of fertilizer and water and is best planted in rich soil.

Min. temp.: -24°C

2 100 Ft
Unit price: 700 Ft/pcs
Ensete ventricosum - Abyssinian Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet

This massive banana, whose trunk can reach nearly a meter (3 ft.) in diameter, is a real botanical curiosity.
The Abyssinian Banana is unbelievably fast growing, and the undersides of the leaf midribs of its huge leaves are a vivid crimson red.
Native to the highlands of eastern Africa between 1500 and 3000 m, it prefers mild climates without extremes of temperature. It is very adaptable but does not like hot, humid, tropical condition...
2 100 Ft
Unit price: 700 Ft/pcs
Musa balbisiana var. balbisiana Sweet Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet
An obscure but exciting banana native to India, Myanmar, Tibet, Sri Lanka and east to Papua New Guinea, Musa balbisiana is perhaps one of the progenitors of the commercial banana. It grows at some altitude so may tolerate cool conditions, but its main characteristic is its huge flower. As with others in the genus, rich soil is required for maximum growth, together with plenty of fertilizer and an adequate supply of water. Given ...
2 950 Ft
Unit price: 983 Ft/pcs

Musa ingens - Giant Highland Banana - 2pcs seeds/packet -

There are few other plants so fervently sought after as this enigmatic giant banana from the rugged and mysterious mountains of New Guinea. With a trunk to at least 15 m tall, about a meter in diamater at the base and a total plant height of 20 m or more, it is the undisputed record holder for the largest and tallest of the bananas and the largest non-woody plant in the world. It surely is one of the wonders of nature how an herbaceous plant growing from an underground rhizome and producing a pseudostem made up solely of densely packed leafbeases can reach a size larger than many woody trees. The pseudostem of Musa ingens is slightly swollen towards the base and covered in a whitish waxy layer, somewhat reminiscent of Ensete glaucum, just a lot larger. It holds a crown of about 12 fairly stiff, ascending leaves to 6 m long.

5 990 Ft
Unit price: 5 990 Ft/pcs
Musa itinerans 'Burmese Blue' Blue Burmese Banana - 3pcs seeds/packet

A moderately sized banana from northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam that has previously been associated with both M. acuminata and M. balbisiana but is now thought to be Musa itinerans, close to the recently described variety guangdongensis but not the same as it grows considerably bigger and has suckers developing 2 to 3 m (7 to 10 ft.) away from the main plant rather than the tightly clustering habit of Musa itinerans var ...
2 950 Ft
Unit price: 983 Ft/pcs
Musa velutina - Pink Dwarf Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet

This delightful dwarf banana, to only 1.2 m (4 ft.) tall, is certainly very deserving of a common name that calls attention to its "pinkness."
Its somewhat waxy leaves have a pinkish midrib, the flowers are pink to orange, and the very ornamental fruits, dwarf bananas, are a bright, velvety pink, and last for months at a time.
The bananas are edible and quite sweet, but also full of seeds. This species is originally native to the eastern H...
3 250 Ft
Unit price: 650 Ft/pcs
Heliconia platystachys 'SEXY ORANGE'

Eredeti előfordulási területe Venezuela, Kolumbia és Costa Rica egyes részeiben megtalálható.
A banánfélék (Musaceae) családjába tartozó nemzetség mintegy 100 örökzöld évelőt foglal magába, melyek Amerika trópusi területein, Dél-Ázsiában és a csendes-óceáni szigetvilágban fordulnak elő. Nagyméretű leveleik a kanna vagy a banán leveléhez hasonlóak. Legfőbb díszük a csodálatos virágzatuk, melyben apró virágokat egymás felett spirál alakban elhelyezkedő ...
Musa ornata (Orange Flower) - Narancsvirágú banán

Megjelenésében és magasságában megegyezik a már általunk forgalmazott Musa ornata fajtával, azzal a különbséggel hogy virágzata gyönyörű narancssárga színben pompázik.
Gyümölcse nem ehető, magokkal teli. Közkedvelt banánok közé sorolják, mivel kezelése könnyű és mivel törpe fajta, nem növi ki a lakást, cserépben jól tartható.

Minimális hőmérséklet : 15 °C
Nem fagytűrő. A csíráztatása könnyű, előbújása m...
Musa sikkimensis 'Red Tiger' Red Tiger Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet

From monsoonal mountain forests in extreme eastern India on the border to Myanmar comes this colorful variety of the famous Darjeeling banana.
While just as easy to grow and just as cold tolerant as the regular M. sikkimensis, young plants have a most stunning pattern to their leaves, with dark purple zebra stripes on the upper surface and a reddish purple below.
The pseudostems are yellowish green.
4 750 Ft
Unit price: 2 375 Ft/pcs
Musella lasiocarpa Yunnan Dwarf Banana - 5pcs seeds/packet

Musella lasiocarpa is an exciting banana relative that comes from high altitudes (to a frosty 2800 m (9200 ft.) !) in Yunnan Province in China.
The maximum height of the plant is only about 1.5 m (5 ft.), half of which is a very stout, conical trunk, which is then topped by a crown of handsome, slightly glaucous, broad leaves.
From early age, the rhizome produces many suckers. The inflorescence, which is big and bright yellow, appear...
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