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Plants can be surprisingly hostile to fend off voracious eaters while others are perfect opportunists. This section describes the ways in which plants may be a hazard to people or the environment.


Many plants protect themselves from being consumed by hungry animals with sharp spines and thorns. These are also often the most attractive and useful plants. Just don't come too close.

Invasiveness can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. Usually the most invasive plants are also the strongest and most competitive, and if they provide food or other useful products, we appreciate those characteristics. Just be careful how and where you grow these, as they can easily get out of hand and may be hard to get rid of after they have established themselves.

Poisons have evolved in plants mostly to fend off animals that feed on them. That can be a benefit because pests stay away, but they may also pose a danger to humans, especially children, as well as livestock. Treat these plants with respect, as some can be fatal if ingested. Many poisonous plants have important medicinal properties.

Child and pet friendly
Plants that are not poisonous or spiny and harmless to have in the house or garden with kids or pets around.