Growth Rate
26/10/2021 09:41

Growth Rate

The growth rate of plants is important to know. For instance, in order to judge how quickly a plant will fill a certain space or how quickly a plant will reach a saleable size in a nursery. The size of a plant does not really play a role here, as even a dwarf plant can be fast growing (like many weeds).


Very slow
Plants with a very slow rate of growth often come from extreme habitats, such as deserts, cliff faces or high mountain areas. Very slow growing plants almost always stay very small.

Plants with a slow rate of growth are often small species adapted to life in the understory of the forest. Many dryland plants also have a slow rate of growth.

Plants with a moderate rate of growth include many palms, cycads, fruit and hardwood trees.

Fast growing plants include many tropical palms, trees, perennials and tree ferns.

Very fast
Plants that grow very fast include many large trees, conifers, climbing plants, bamboos, topical palms and giant herbs like bananas and gingers.